PR Product Research, LLC, was incorporated in February of 1999. We produce clean, buildable, robust designs. We look at projects and problems with an innovative eye and pride ourselves on having or finding the capabilities to take on a project from conception to development through manufacture, completion, and post-completion refinement.

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Capt. Philip A. Rink, PE, BSME

Nancy Rink, BSME

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Tidal Power (Patent for Sale)
Healing Video Game
Hawaii Fish Farming Feasibility Study (Private Client)
Mermaid, Our Family in Paradise (Book)
Mermaid, Our Family in Paradise (Video)

Jimi & Isaac Books
Jimi & Isaac Science Fair Guidelines (PDF File)
Jimi & Isaac Science Fair Guidelines (WORD File)

Turbine Engine Fuel System (Private Client)
Marine Autopilot (Private Client)
Helix Magazine Based Fastener Feed System
Satellite TV Active Antenna (Proof of Concept)
NASM Paper Airplane Robot
MV Rockfish Website (inactive)

Rockfish Glass Website

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